Moving abroad - emigration

Are you planning to move abroad (emigration)? Or will you be staying abroad for at least 8 months in one year (this time need not be consecutively)? Then you will need to deregister with our municipality within 5 days before departure.


  • When deregistering you will need to state your residence abroad. Or you can list your first overnight address (e.g. hotel, family member or acquaintance).
  • You will need to deregister in person.

Your emigration or emigration of your whole family

Please report your emigration online via DigiD.

Inloggen met DigiD Report moving abroad

Emigration of a part of your family

Each person needs to deregister in person at the servicedesk of our municipality (Het Rond 1, Zeist), even minors. Remaining family members also need to attend.

Make an appointment.We will need the following information:

  • a valid ID
  • your new residence
  • When emigrating with a minor without the other parent: both parents need to consent! An written statement of consent from the other parent and a copy of their ID is mandatory.

Reporting your emigration by post

Please include the following documentation:

Please state to which country you will be moving, date of departure en sign clearly. You can send the completed and signed form with the necessary attachments to: Gemeente Zeist, afdeling Burgerzaken, Postbus 513, 3700 AM Zeist.

Who may deregister

  • Each person of 16 years or older
  • for minors up to 16 years old: parents, guardians and caregivers
  • for persons under guardianship: the guardian
  • when emigrating together:
    • spouses / registered partners for each other
    • parents and their adult, residing children: for each other

Proof of deregistration

Before emigration

You need to deregister with our municipality within 5 days of departure. This is possible until the day of departure via email. You will receive your proof of deregistration by email.

After emigration

Have you already moved abroad? Then you will need an uittreksel Registratie Niet Ingezetenen as proof of your deregistration.

Financial consequences of (not) deregistering

By formally reporting your emigration with our municipality, you will be deregistered from the BRP (Dutch Register of Population) and registered as a non-resident in the RNI (Dutch Register of non-residents).

Emigrating or temporary moving abroad and/or failing to deregister can have consequences for:

  • your rent allowance
  • your student financial aid
  • your future welfare benefits
  • your taxes and tax assessments

and also for:

  • recovery of overpayments and possibly, the costs associated with these recoveries