Moving within the Netherlands

When you move to a different municipality within the Netherlands, you must notify your new municipality. You will then automatically be deregistered from your old municipality.

You must notify your new municipality of your new address no more than 28 days before the moving date, but no later than 5 days after. If you inform the municipality about your move on a later date, then that day becomes the date of the change of address.  

Reporting your move

You can report your move online or by post

Reporting your move online

Inloggen met DigiD Report your move

Don't have a DigiD? You can also notify us of your move by post.

Reporting your move by post

Send the completed and signed form (pdf, 185 KB) with the required documents to Gemeente Zeist, Burgerzaken, Postbus 513, 3700 AM  Zeist.

Required documents

Depending on your situation, you may also need to send scans or copies of the following documents:

  • A valid passport, (national) ID card or residency permit;
  • The rental contract or purchase deed of the house (just the part with your new address and your personal details);
  • If you will be living in with someone else, a declaration of residence.

Declaration of residence

Will you be living in with someone else? Then you will need the main occupant’s formal permission.

  1. The main occupant must fill in and sign a declaration of residence (pdf, 37 KB) .
  2. You will also need a copy of the main occupant’s driver’s license, passport or driver's license

Report changes in living or family situation

It is your responsibility to also pass on changes in your living situation or family situation to other authorities. Do you have a partner, but are you not married or in a registered partnership and do you both inform the municipality of a different moving date? Then this may have consequences for allowances or other provisions. Are you going to move in together? You and your partner must file a separate tax return if you only have a cohabitation contract or if your partner used to live elsewhere.

Who may report the move

  • Everyone aged 16 or older, for themselves
  • Cohabiting spouses or registered partners (at the same address), for each other
  • The parent, guardian or caretaker of minor children
  • The parent of adult children living at home
  • An adult child, for live-in parents
  • The trustee for someone who has been placed under guardianship
  • An authorized person

Moving abroad (emigration)

Are you moving abroad? Or are you living abroad for more than 8 months in a year (does not have to be consecutive)? Then you must report this to your municipality. You can file a report from 5 days before your departure. The municipality will then deregister you.

For more information, see the page Moving abroad.

Moving from abroad (immigration)

If you move to Zeist from abroad or will be staying in Zeist for at least 4 months in a period of 6 months, then you will need to register with the municipality in person. You must do so within 5 days of arriving.

For more information, see the page Moving from abroad.